Zonda C17 Road Clincher Wheelset

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Campagnolo Zonda C17 Road Clincher Wheelset

The Campagnolo Zonda C17 Road Clincher Wheelset features a completely redesigned rim, taking its design inspiration from the growing trend that sees the use of increasingly wider tyres. With a wider rim profile and differentiated rim height, the Campagnolo Zonda C17 Road Clincher Wheelset is an aluminium wheelset that offers a lot of comfort and performance.

Optimised Aluminium Rim

The new wider C17 rim ensures a more efficient shape of the tyre, improving cornering grip and safety while reducing aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance. The new C17 rim has been structurally optimised to provide a surefooted grip on clincher tyres as well as an even better braking feel when compared with previous versions. The freehub spins silently as you enjoy time in the saddle.

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  • Material: Aluminium (Rim)
  • Differentiated Rim Height
  • Precision milling to eliminate excess material and weight where not needed
  • Aluminium oversize flange
  • MEGA G3? pattern
  • Cup and cone bearings
  • Self-locking nipples
  • Front Hub: 16 Aerodynamic radial spokes
  • Rear Hub: 21 Aerodynamic radial spokes
  • Weight Limit: 109kg
  • Weight: 1,540g


  • Rim Dynamic Balance?: The concept is simple and elegant: balance the weight of the gasket, with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side. For top models, this is obtained by a special operation on the section of the rim opposite the rim joint.
  • Spoked Dynamic Balance?: For entry-level models, Dynamic Balance? is obtained by using two oversized spokes in the section opposite the joint. The result is a wheel with perfectly balanced rotational dynamics.
  • MoMag?: A technology that offers several advantages to the structural integrity of the wheel as well as eliminating the need for rim tape. The name derives from ?Mounting Magnet? system, shortened to MoMag?.

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  • Colour:

  • Wheel Size:

  • Option:
    Shimano Freehub, Campag Freehub

  • Speed:
    9/10/11 Speed

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