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Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer

A tough plywood load bed, bolted onto a durable Aluminium frame, finished with quality components. Wheels & handle release in seconds for flat storage.The tyres have kevlar armor and reflex stripes.

The radially SS spoked wheels are fitted with sealed cartridge bearings. The axles are sturdy button release 12mm wheelchair axles. 
The Y-Small is better if you like going through doors, the Y-Large is better if you carry silly amounts of stuff all the time.

The true Strength of the Y-Frame bicycle trailer is flexibility. Strap a load straight onto the load bed, or fit a bag or box to suit your purpose. 100’s of commercially available bags and boxes (not supplied) will bolt or strap onto the trailer, for example:

  • Ortlieb’s waterproof rackpack bag, 48/96 litre capacity
  • Fold-flat plastic box with lid 96litre capacity.
  • Lockable durable aluminium chest, 58-288litre capacity
  • Indestructible Explorer diving cases
  • Rimowa and Samsonite suitcases

Boxes can either be bolted permanently to the frame or fitted with a unique quick release mechanism.


  • Separability You can separate the Y-Frame bicycle trailer in about four seconds. Pull the pin that holds the handle, and push the center of the hubs to remove the wheels like on wheel chairs.
  • Durability A simple design made from high quality components, that will go on and on. Notice the sealed bearings puncture proof schwalbe marathon tyres, and stainless spokes.
  • Redundancy Peace of mind for those far from the beaten track. If the frame welds fail, the trailer can work until repair, be it bolted or welded. Any local blacksmith can make a pattern trailer from steel. No component is rare or irreplaceable.


  • Expedition touring A durable simple bicycle trailer that is field repairable. Carry more, more effectively and efficiently than bicycle panniers.
  • Industrial A new way to work. Adapt your trade to bicycle trailer life or adapt it to your load. Hay bales, canoes, hot dogs, stained glass windows, Ice cream.
  • Commute Small and light, slice through traffic with your computer and cloths change. Teachers carry all your books.
  • Shopping A weeks shopping for two in a single trip. And a bicycle trailer that discretely waits for next week.
  • Fitness Our trailer’s only make the hills steeper. Hitch one to your race whippet and use it as a resistance trailer.
  • Size: Small/Large
  • Weight: 6kg/7kg
  • Capacity: 45kg/90kg
  • Load bed: 38cm x 58cm/50cm x 70cm
  • Max Load Area: 49cm x 90cm/64cm x 90cm
  • Frame Material: 6064 T6/Aluminium
  • Bed Material: 12mm 10 x ply/maple
  • Wheels: 16″ Spoked/20″ Spoked
  • Tyres: 16 X 1.75/Reflex Striped kevlar armour
  • Track Width: 570mm/720mm
  • Note – Trailer is now supplied with the more durable Elastomer Hitch, and only contains 1 bike bracket. Additional bike brackets are available separately.

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    Large – 20″ Wheel

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