Tech 3 X2 Blue Disc Brake

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Hope Tech 3 X2 Blue Disc Brake

Hope’s Tech 3 X2 Disc Brake enhances the ergonomics and integration of the system on your cockpit. The Tech 3 master cylinder can operate all calipers across their range and offers an increase of power, of about 5%, over the Tech Evo.

Easy to Install

The popular design is present in this Hope Tech 3 X2 Disc Brake, where the piston is actuated by a cam and a roller system to eliminate any free play and initial friction. The classic split clamp design makes the master cylinder easy to install on the handlebars without having to remove anything else.

Directly Compatible

The Hope Tech 3 X2 Disc Brake system is now directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec type shifters (I-Spec II requires separate adaptor). This means there is no need for an additional mount to attach the shifter to the master cylinder. For those using SRAM shifters, Hope designed a slick and minimalistic direct mount adaptor.



  • Material: CNC Machined 2014 T6 Aluminium

  • ‘On the fly’ BPC (bite point control) and Reach adjustment

  • Direct compatibility with Shimano I-Spec shifter

  • Direct mount available for SRAM shifters

  • 5% power increase over TECH Evo master cylinder

  • Handed master cylinders for better integration on the handlebars

  • Updated piston dust cover design

  • Updated reservoir diaphragm design

  • 9.74 caliper with all mount options

  • Wide angle hose connector mount

  • Top entry pad fitting

  • Fixed or floating rotor

  • Black braided hose

  • A drip free bleed nipple and wide-angle orientation of the fluid inlet connector have also been added, allowing for neater hose routing and cleaner servicing.

  • Weight: from 340g

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  • Colour:

  • Option:
    Front RH, Braided Rear RH, Braided Rear LH, Rear LH, Braided Front RH, Braided Front LH

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