SPEED 40C C17 Carbon Road Wheelset 2018

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Fulcrum SPEED 40C C17 Carbon Road Wheelset

The Fulcrum SPEED 40C C17 Carbon Road Wheelset is the most versatile wheelset that Fulcrum offer. It features a 40mm rim profile that makes it perfect to cut through the air, it is stiff and easy to control in any weather condition, whilst keeping weight to the minimum.

Perfect Tyre to Rim Interface

This wheelset is capable on any terrain you come across. Featuring a 17mm internal rim width, it is perfectly suited to both 25 and 28c tyres. It has been designed to create the perfect tyre to rim interface with these modern tyre sizes, placing it firmly in the modern competitive race wheel category.

Stiff and Reactive

The Longitudinal Twill carbon rim design has been implemented into the creation of these wheels. The fibres and the orientation in which they are structured pushes the boundaries of carbon fibre construction, resulting in a stiffer, more reactive rim that can also absorb higher levels of road vibration.

Exceptional Braking Performance

In addition to the technology that Fulcrum has developed to make their wheel go amazingly fast. They have also applied the AC3 braking surface to this model, which makes slowing down noticeably more responsive and powerful. This advanced coating on the braking surface provides exceptional braking performance and as a bonus, it also reduces rim wear.


  • Material: Rim: Carbon Twill; Front Hub: Carbon, Aluminium flanges; Rear Hub: Aluminium; Spokes: Stainless Steel; Nipples: Aluminium
  • Discipline: Road, Triathlon
  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Rim Profile: 40mm
  • Rim External Width: 24.2mm
  • Rim Internal Width: 17mm
  • Braking Surface: Twill, AC3 Treatment
  • Axle Compatibility: Quick Release
  • Spoke Type: Aero, Double Butted
  • Spoke Count: Front: 18; Rear: 21
  • Bearings: USB Ceramic, Cup and Cone
  • Freewheel: Plasma Coated
  • Weight: 1.42kg


  • AC3 – All Conditions Carbon Control: AC3 enables surprising braking performance, which is very noticeable in difficult weather conditions. Rather than using the traditional machined brake track approach, Fulcrum uses micro laser incisions on the brake track surface to remove resins and create a smooth surface. Lab tests have shown that this process improves braking power by an improvement of 6%. However, in the wet this performance increase jumps to 43%. Bringing braking in the wet closer to the performance experienced when riding in dry conditions.
  • USB (Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings): Using high-end ceramic balls, which perform continually thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precise machining of the cup and cone technology, the friction is reduced drastically and in turn increases the smoothness of triathlon and road bike wheels by as much as 9 times compared to standard bearings.
  • Rim Dynamic Balance: Simple and Elegant, the weight of the rim gasket is balanced on the opposite side with an item of similar weight.
  • 2:1 Two-To-One: Every push on the pedals from the rider will force most of that energy on the drive side of the rear wheel. To combat this loss of rim tension and power transfer, Fulcrum has solved this cycling problem with their 2:1 spoke ratio pattern by doubling the spoke count in crucial zones on the wheel.
  • Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling: An exclusive rim/spoke mounting system. It allows the rim, spokes, hub and nipples to align perfectly, guaranteeing the precise spoke tension in all areas around the wheel.
  • Anti-Rotation System: This system locks the spoke in place once the correct tension is achieved. Engineers at Fulcrum have designed this system to ensure the spokes never lose their initial tension and to remain in the position that has been proven to provide the perfect aerodynamic properties.
  • Unrilled Rim Bed: Featuring no holes on the central section of the rim means that the rim is uniform at every point, free from critical areas subject to stress. The advantages are immediately clear: less weight, longer lasting rims, greater resistance to fatigue, the possibility of giving the spokes more tension and more stiffness which, in terms of performance, means improved responsiveness and acceleration.
  • Plasma Freehub: The freehub body has been Plasma treated, which makes the aluminium especially hard and resistant to surface abrasion and wear. This means the thickness of materials used can be to be reduced to a minimum, achieving a lighter weight, while maintaining lifespan and reliability.

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  • Option:
    Shimano, Campagnolo

  • Speed:
    9/10/11 Speed, 10/11 Speed

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Weight 1.42 kg


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