Sky Lite 3.0 Pilarga Saddle

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Astute Sky Lite 3.0 Pilarga Saddle

The Sky Lite 3.0 Pilarga Saddle has all the same great features of Astutes Sky Lite 3.0 I-Proff model, just in a wider size. Its design is a result of Astute?s laboratory project to produce a saddle with the highest level of safety, performance and comfort for the most demanding riders. With its flat design, three-density memory foam padding and long pressure relieving cut-out, this saddle is ideal for long training rides and endurance races.

Advanced Shell Construction

Featuring a dual shell construction that?s manufactured from carbon fibre-reinforced nylon, this saddle has outstanding anti-vibration and anti-shock properties. In addition to this, Astute has incorporated its Spas System Technology (SPAS), which consists of 2 bump absorbing pads between the carbon rail and the shells. There?s also a tension arc, which creates perfectly balanced weight distribution for smooth, comfortable and efficient riding.



  • Padding: Memory foam

  • Shell: Carbon-Reinforced Nylon twin shell

  • Rails: Carbon Fibre 7x9mm

  • Central cut-out

  • Spas System Technology (SPAS)

  • Hand made in Italy

  • Size: 145x275mm

  • Weight: 190g (+/-8%)

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    Black Soft Touch

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