Shockwiz Direct Mount

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Quarq Shockwiz Direct Mount

Are you fed up of endlessly fettling with your forks and rear shock’s settings to get the perfect setup to suit your riding style, weight, and the terrain you’re riding? If so, the Quarq shockwiz direct mount has the answer.

This highly accurate pressure sensor and microprocessor connects to your forks or rear shock’s Schrader valve and analyses the air pressure 100 times-a-second while you ride, looking for spikes in undesirable characteristics. Shockwiz was created by using thousands of hours of laboratory and on-bike tests and benefits from the expert knowledge of Quarq and Rockshox engineers.

This direct mount version come with a male to male adaptor to make it compatible with inverted forks.

Shockwiz looks for poor performance such as pogo effect (rebounding too quickly), pack-down effect (not returning to neutral), and bob effect (pedalling sensitivity), and if any of these are severe or persistent, it determines what exact adjustment you need to make to correct it.

The calculations are displayed on an intuitive smartphone app, which gives you advice for air pressure, spring rate, compression and rebound, ensuring you’ll be riding with optimum performance, control, comfort, and speed.


  • Works with most air-sprung forks and rear shocks from many different manufacturers
  • Designed for all mountain bike riders, regardless of your experience or bike’s intended use
  • Multiple tuning options: Efficient (pedalling), Balanced, Playful or Aggressive
  • Gives advice for air pressure, spring rate, compression and rebound is displayed in the intuitive smartphone app
  • ShockWiz app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets that feature Bluetooth Low Energy (formerly called Bluetooth Smart)
  • Direct mount, male-male adaptor (included) for inverted forks
  • Not compatible with dual air forks or forks that variable chambers such as DRCV and Equalizer

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