Record 11 Speed Groupset

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Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Groupset

Steeped in Campagnolo’s rich heritage, this Record 11-Speed Groupset boasts numerous sporting achievements in the pro peloton. With the Record groupset, shifting under load is no longer an issue; when you realise that the chain has moved from the small chainring to the large one you may even think you have upgraded to an electronic drivetrain! The shifting performance from this Campagnolo Record 11-Speed is extremely precise, smooth, fluid, and silent.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Crankset

This completely redesigned crankset represents increased rigidity as well as fresh and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Campagnolo Record Crankset Features:

  • Hollow cranks and spider arms with Ultra-Hollow? technology
  • Ultra-Torque? axle
  • Differentiated number of pins depending on the chainring combination
  • Double standardised bolt circle diameter on all combinations
  • USB? Technology
  • X.P.S.S.? Extreme Performance Shifting System

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Shifter

From any position on the handlebars, the ergonomics of Ergopower? controls enable you to engage the rear derailleur and front derailleur with extreme speed and precision.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Shifter Features:

  • Ultra-Shift? ergonomics
  • New Vari-Cushion? brake lever hoods with variable density and surface finishes
  • Ultra-Shift? mechanism with differentiated maximum number of upshifting clicks depending on the starting sprocket
  • Derailleur cable adjusting barrel

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Rear Derailleur

The heart and soul of the Record’s 11-speed drivetrain; The Record’s rear derailleur has always evoked competitions and wins, and still today represents for professional racers the certainty of fast and extremely precise shifting, even under load.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Rear Derailleur

  • Aluminium rear derailleur fastening screws
  • Carbon fibre front plate
  • Ultra-Shift? exclusive geometry parallelogram
  • Ultra-Shift? aluminium lower and upper bodies
  • Carbon fibre cage plate
  • Ceramic ball bearings

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Front Derailleur

The Record S2 front derailleur delivers top-end front shifting and thanks to the Ultra-Shift technology, the front mech cage is more rigid, while body and frame adjustment components cause the mech to be faster and more decisive.

    Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Front Derailleur Features:

  • Special inner cage design
  • Outer semi-cage in monocoque carbon
  • S2 System (Secure Shifting System)
  • CSD (Chain Security Device)
  • Derailleur cable deviator insert
  • Derailleur clip clamp
  • Front derailleur mounting tool

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Brake Set

For a fast descent, you need a safe and reliable braking system that is powerful and adjustable. The Record system guarantees shorter braking distance and complete control of braking power.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Brake Set Features:

  • Lighter shoe holders
  • Central fulcrum with bearing system
  • Exclusive brake pad coupling/uncoupling system
  • Special compound
  • Front/rear differentiated braking
  • Dual-Pivot front/rear version

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Cassette

For an ideal sprocket set, 8 of the sprockets of the Record’s cassette are made of steel while the remaining 3 are titanium.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Cassette Features:

  • Ultra-Shift? teeth design
  • Reinforced mounts for second and third triplets
  • Ultra-Shift? synchronisation
  • 3 titanium sprockets

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Chain

The engine of the 11-speed drivetrain is the chain. It has been designed to eliminate all friction with the sprockets adjacent to those in operation.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Chain Features:

  • Ultra-Link? chain link connecting system
  • Ultra-Link? chain links
  • Special steel links
  • Antifriction NI-PTFE? treatment

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  • Colour:

  • Size:

  • BoltCircle:

  • Teeth:
    50.34t, 53.39t

  • Speed:
    11 Speed

  • Length:
    170mm, 175mm, 172.5mm

  • Material:

  • Diameter:
    Braze On

  • Derailleur Type:
    Braze On

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