Racing 3 C17 Clincher Wheelset 2018

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Fulcrum Racing 3 C17 Clincher Wheelset

The Fulcrum Racing 3 is an ultimate all-rounder. Perfect suited to  Training, Racing and long-distance Endurance riding. Ideal for the training  cyclist who cannot imagine compromising on quality performance and for the  passionate cyclist who lives for long distance riding where the importance of  reliability and versatility are crucial; this wheelset is the perfect companion  whatever your cycling endeavour.

Stiff, Flex-Free & Light

This wheelset features a high-end aluminium rim construction, which  provides stiffness, and flex-free performance while being lightweight. The  braking profile has been precision machined and offers exceptional braking  performance and consistency. This will provide a superbly comfortable and  stable ride no matter how long your journey, or how rigorous your training or  race session may be.



  • Material: Rim, Hubs: Aluminium; Spokes: Stainless Steel

  • Rim Height: Front: 25mm; Rear: 30mm

  • Internal Rim Width: 22.5mm

  • Braking System: Rim Brake

  • Braking Surface: Aluminium Turned

  • Axle Compatibility: Quick Release

  • Spoke Count: Front: 16; Rear: 21

  • Spoke Type: Aero Straight-Pull

  • Bearings: Adjustable, Cup & Cone System

  • Freehub: Shimano 11-Speed

  • Weight: 1.56kg



  • 2:1 Two-To-One: Every push on the pedals from the rider will force most of that energy on the drive side of the rear wheel. To combat this loss of rim tension and power transfer, Fulcrum has solved this cycling problem with their 2:1 spoke ratio pattern by doubling the spoke count in crucial zones on the wheel.

  • Anti-Rotation System: This system locks the spoke in place once the correct tension is achieved. Engineers at Fulcrum have designed this system to ensure the spokes never lose their initial tension and to remain in the position that has been proven to provide the perfect aerodynamic properties.

  • Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling: An exclusive rim/spoke mounting system. It allows the rim, spokes, hub and nipples to align perfectly, guaranteeing the precise spoke tension in all areas around the wheel.

  • Rim Dynamic Balance: Simple and Elegant, the weight of the rim gasket is balanced on the opposite side with an item of similar weight.

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  • Colour:

  • Wheel Size:

  • Option:
    Campagnolo, Shimano

  • Speed:
    10/11 Speed, 9/10/11 Speed

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Weight 1.56 kg


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