Oozy Trail 395+ Boost MTB Wheelset 2017

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Spank Oozy Trail 395+ Boost MTB Wheelset

Spank Industries’ top of the line, ultra-wide wheelset just got an upgrade to Boost! The Oozy Trail 395+ Boost Wheelset utilises a 35mm internal width rim, hand laced and trued, that?s optimised for Plus sized tyres, yet is seamlessly compatible with a wide variety of modern high volume tyre options.

The 32h straight-pull Oozy Trail Boost Hubs with increased engagement and adaptability were designed with unique over-sized SSL (single spoke length) flanges to deliver enhanced stiffness, durability, and spoke torque retention.

The Oozy Trail 395+ Boost Wheelset combines the strength and durability of Dynamal alloy with the stiffness of Spank?s iconic Oohbah? rim profile, enhanced with its widest profile. Next generation Bead Bite? anti-burp tubeless rim hooks instil confidence and tubeless security even at minimal tyre pressures. Finally a true All Mountain strength, Trail weight, plus sized wheelset!


  • Rim Material: MGR Dynamal Alloy
  • Rim Inner Width: 35mm
  • Rim Outer Width: 39.5mm
  • ETRTO: 27.5″: 584x35mm; 29″: 622x35mm
  • Tubeless: Tubeless equipped (tape & valves included)
  • Front Hub: 6 bolt disk mount – Boost 15x110mm
  • Rear Hub: 6 bolt disk mount – Boost 12x148mm
  • Freehub: Alloy
  • Spokes: Straight pull, triple butted (2.2/1.8/2.0mm), alloy nipples
  • Discipline: Trail
  • Weight: 27.5″: 2100g; 29″: 2190g


Bead Bite? (Anti Burp Technology): Running tubeless? No stress! At an incredible range of pressures, Bead Bite? is the solution to keeping those tyres burp free and fixed in place. Bead Bite? rim technology, paired with Spank?s patented OohBah? profile, enhances tubeless use with tyres of all types and with a greater range of air pressures.

Bead Bite? rims have 6 rows of tiny ridges that run along the vertical and horizontal faces of the bead seats. These tiny teeth create air seals between the rim and tyre as the bead conforms into them under air pressure. They dramatically increase frictional forces on the tyre bead, reducing the bead?s ability to move vertically or horizontally (thus improving tyre stability and reducing burps). The bead literally becomes trapped between the vertical and horizontal ridges, even at very low air pressures. Even in tubed applications, Bead Bite? rims tend to allow much lower air pressures with a reduced risk of pinch flats.

OohBah? (Reverse Well Design): The unique OohBah? profile allows Spank to manufacture thinner walled, wider profiled, lighter rims without sacrificing strength or rigidity. Wider rims mean stiffer wheels and more tyre spread, leading to greater traction, improved comfort and better tyre performance. The ?wave? shape of the OohBah? inner tube adds strength and support to the vertical rim flange walls and prevents buckling. Normal straight or curved tube wells must be much thicker, and by default heavier, to offer the same support.

BeadNip? (Improved Tyre Fit): Another secret of Spank?s patented OohBah? profile is its double BeadNip? technology. The OohBah? patent includes the addition of a second set of ?nips? on the inner tube well, which ensures that the tyre always remains in the bead-seat, even when riding at minimal air pressures. With Spank?s OohBah? patented rims, you can ride the tyres you want, at the pressure you want, on any terrain with far less fear of flats!

Dynamal Alloy: Utilising the endless lifecycle of aluminion, Spank’s proprietary alloy blends offer superior mechanical properties resulting in stronger rims and reduced weight through optimised design. Spank Industries has made a concerted effort to develop safe and affordable alternatives to the excessive use of carbon fibre in the bicycle manufacturing industry. Its WC DH Race Teams and most hardcore Big Mountain Freeriders are running Spank?s Dynamal Alloy rims in the choice against carbon fibre. Unlike standard recycled alloy mixes, Dynamal is a dynamically aged, highly magnesium-silicon enriched, pure alloy, which is blended with a special ?secret? hardening metal. Compared to statically aged traditional alloy types, Dynamal shows a significant further increase in ultimate tensile strength and yield, without the normal reductions in fatigue life.

MGR (Micro Grain Refinement Processed Alloys): Micro Grain Refinement Processes such as extrusion, forging and tube drawing can increase the strength of alloy materials by reducing the grain size. Spank uses state of the art proprietary metal forming methods, which further improve grain size, consistency and orientation, beyond that of its competitors. No other bars or rims are subjected to the number of drawing steps or level of refinement as those offered by Spank. This leads to greater ultimate strength, toughness, and ductility meaning confidence, comfort and safety.

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  • Colour:
    Black, Green

  • Size:
    110 x 15mm Front & 148mm x 12mm Rear, 110 x 15mm Front & 148mm x 12mm Rear

  • Wheel Size:
    29+”, 27.5+”, 27.5″ (650b)

  • Speed:
    9/10/11 Speed, 9/10/11 Speed

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