MT Trail Sport Disc Brake Set

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Magura MT Trail Sport Disc Brake Set

The Magura MT Trail Sport Disc Brake Set sets a new standard in power and performance output for Trail braking at a realistic and affordable price.

Maximum Braking Power, Perfect Modulation

To obtain the perfect balance of braking performance, power and modulation the MT Trail brakes have a well thought out design. The front brake caliper has four pistons to provide exceptional power in an instant. The rear caliper has a two piston setup that provides responsive modulation and a reliable brake feel through even the most demanding of trail situations.


  • Material: Aluminium (lever blade, caliper), Carbotecture (master cylinder)
  • Use: Trail
  • Brake Fluid: Magura Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Hose Attachment: Banjo
  • Reach Adjust: Yes
  • Shift Mix: Yes
  • Bleed Type: Magura EBT
  • Lever Orientation: Flip-Flop
  • Recommended Rotor: Magura Storm HC
  • Hydraulic Hose: Magura Disc Tube
  • Pistons: 4x front, 2x rear
  • Lever Blade: 1 Finger HC
  • Mount: Post Mount
  • Weight: 255g (front), 230g (rear)

Note: Rotors and brake adaptors and brake pad retaining pins are not included. Brake pad retaining pads are supplied with Magura Brake Pads.


  • EBT: Magura Easy Bleed Technology guarantees quick and easy bleeding that provides maximum power output and exceptional modulation.
  • Carbotecture: This advanced carbon fibre layup is extremely light, impact resistant, shatterproof and has the highest degree of stiffness available.
  • Magura Royal Blood Mineral Oil: The bleeding of a Magura brake is not a routine chore, because the Royal Blood hydraulic oil does not absorb water. It in fact lubricates the whole braking system. If ever filling and bleeding is necessary after a fall and repair of the tubing, use only Magura Blood hydraulic oil and never DOT brake liquid.

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