Magnum Pro Forks – 15mm 2016

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Manitou Magnum Pro Forks – 15mm

The industry?s FIRST purpose built +Specific Suspension Fork. Why are we all here? At it?s very core? Mountain biking was an experiment in exploration, freedom and exhilaration. We ride, experiment, ride, sketch, design, engineer, build, ride, test break, rebuild, ride again.

In order to improve the riding experience – every millimetre and gram is scrutinized. Sometimes we add them to raise the experience. The only constant in this industry is change?Manitou’s Plus Size category is brand new. And they?ve already improved it. That?s because their Magnum fork is standard equipment on debut Plus rides from some of the world?s most accomplished manufacturers. The Magnum is specifically tuned to maximize the rolling inertia of the larger tyre patch. Translated, it means Magnum will make your Plus riding experience smooth and predictable. Pioneering a dynamic front suspension in this category is just one more, big fat example of their commitment to excellence.


  • Spring: Dorado Air
  • Spring Rate: n/a
  • Bottom Out: Adjustable HBO, Rubber Bumper
  • Crown: Forged Deep Bore Hollow
  • Crown Finish: Colour Match
  • Offset: 48mm (27.5″)/51mm (29″)
  • Compression Damping: MC2 Trail Tuned, TPC Technology
  • Rebound Damping: Adjustable TPC Cartridge
  • Adjustments: Air Pressure, LS Compression, Incremental Platform Adjust, Hydraulic Bottom Out Rebound
  • Leg Diameter: 34mm
  • Leg Material: 7050 Butted Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 27.5″ ? 3.4″, 29″ ? 3.4″
  • Brake: Post Mount 180mm
  • Axle: QR15


  • Specifically designed and engineered for oversized tyres: Fits up to 3.4? tyres, 27.5+ and 29+ specific configurations and offsets.
    27.5+ = 48mm offset, 29+ = 51mm offset, + Specific ride heights.
  • 34mm chassis: With 110 x 15 axle spacing utilizing QR15 Hexlock. Improves spoke bracing angle to achieve increased stiffness and precision steering.
  • Improved Bracing Angle: The increased angle of the spokes with respect to the hub. This translates in into equal spoke tensions making a stiffer, more durable wheel.
  • Reverse Arch: Allows for a shorter, stiffer casting with improved mud clearance.
  • Hollow Crown: For improved specific stiffness.
  • Air Spring System: Lifted from Dorado, Air utilizes a single input to charge positive and negative air chambers for perfect spring balance providing unmatched small bump compliance. Dynamic Over Stroke negative travel is reacting to the velocity of the return stroke as determined by rebound damper settings and spring force. This eliminates dwell at top out and provides a seamless transition from extension to compression resulting in a smoother stroke.
  • Incremental Volume Adjust: Allows the rider to simply customize the air volume based on riding style or terrain.
  • MC?: (Multi Control Compression) Platform, High and low-speed adjust.
  • IPA: (Incremental Platform Adjust) Used to dial in the perfect amount of pedaling platform.
  • TPC: (Twin Piston Chamber) rebound damping?custom tuned for plus sized rolling stock.
  • Externally adjustable HBO: (Hydraulic Bottom Out) derived from the award winning Dorado to provide a bottomless feel.

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  • Colour:

  • Size:

  • Wheel Size:

  • Option:

  • Steerer Diameter:
    1.1/8″ – 1.5″ Tapered

  • Fork Travel:

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