Khamsin Asymmetic CycloCross Wheelset 2018

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Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetic CycloCross Wheelset

The Khamsin? Asymmetric CX is the entry level wheel for the CX family but it is every bit as competitive as other models that compete in a higher category.

With advanced characteristics such as oversized flange and Spoke Dynamic Balance? technology it is clear that this wheel is a step above your normal entry level wheel. Campy Tech Lab? engineers have pushed the quality of this wheel even further incorporating an asymmetric rear rim that provides increased performance in terms of lateral and torsional rigidity as well as reactivity. New design and performance coupled with specific Campagnolo? CX construction hubs that ensure perfect functionality despite the mud, sand and water of cyclocross make this wheelset a must have for the upcoming season.


  • Differentiated rim height: 24mm at the front to provide optimal handling; 27.5mm at the rear for transmitting all your power to the wheel
  • New asymmetric rim profile: asymmetrical rear rim profi le allows for better balancing of spoke tensions between drive and non drive side, giving better symetry to an asymmetric component. Increased efficiency and reactivity are sure to be noted
  • Dynamic balance?: every point of the rim is counter-balanced by an equal weight on the opposite side. Maximum stability of the wheel even at high speeds
  • Straight-head spoke: maximum stiffness of the wheel ? maintains the spoke tension and long-lasting performance
  • Oversized Flange: increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change of pace of the cyclist
  • Aluminium Axle: reduces the weight of the wheel
  • Sealed bearings: maintains performance over time ? longer bearing life
  • Additional seal: keeps the bearing zone clean and smooth running, maintaining performance over time

Front Wheel Specifications:

  • Rim Material: Aluminium
  • Rim Section Height/Width (Nominal): 24/20,5
  • Rim Tape: Yes
  • Number of Spokes: 18
  • Spoke Material: Steel
  • Nut/Nipple material: Brass
  • O.L.D: 100
  • Hub Body Material: Aluminium
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Nominal Weight: 815g

Rear Wheel Specifications:

  • Rim Material: Aluminium
  • Rim Section Height/Width (Nominal): 27,5/20,5
  • Rim Tape: Yes
  • Number of Spokes: 20
  • Spoke Material: Steel/Stainless Steel
  • Nut/Nipple material: Brass
  • O.L.D: 130
  • Hub Body Material: Aluminium
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Compatability: 9/10/11
  • Nominal Weight: 935g

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  • Colour:

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  • Option:
    Campag Freehub

  • Speed:
    11 Speed

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