EPS Super Record-Record Bar-End Shifter

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Campagnolo EPS Super Record/Record Bar-End Shifter

The new EPS controls on Campagnolo’s Super Record shifter are designed to keep your hands completely aerodynamic at all times. By simply clicking the controls, the front or rear derailleur moves with precision and speed without wasting or losing any tim. The simplicity of the super record allows you to focus your energy on beating the clock. 

“Back to Zero position” system: allows the lever to maintain an optimal position with respect to airflow and allows for less effort for the athlete.

SWITCH MODE BUTTON: the “mode” buttons allow the user to check battery charge, make fine adjustments to the rear or front derailleur – even in the middle of a race (with the “riding setting” procedure), and set the zero position of the rear and front derailleur (“zero setting” procedure)

Multi-Dome Tech(TM): these controls strike the perfect balance between operating force and tactile shift feedback, and also eliminate the possibility of unintentionally shifting the rear or front derailleur.


  • Makes working on chains easy
  • Compatible with CeramicSpeed Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo chains
  • Designed primarily for racing purposes

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